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Internet connection in Japan

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Internet connection in Japan

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The Internet connection environment in Japan has dramatically improved since broadband connection services were introduced.

According to a 2016 report by the US-based fossBytes, the average speed of Internet connections in Japan is about 17Mbps, which is the 4th rank in the world. South Korea is the best with 26Mbps, and the average speed around the world is about 5Mbps.

There are currently 4 main types of connection services in Japan.

  1. ADSL
    This service uses an analog telephone line to connect to the Internet. As it uses conventional infrastructure, it is comparatively easy to set-up; however, the further the distance from the NTT line equipment station, the lower the speed.
    Download speed: 8-50Mbps (theoretical value)
  2. Optical line
    This service enables stable transmission by using an optical fiber as a transmission line to directly connect homes and buildings. It is speedy, and prices are settling down thanks to the increasing of suppliers; as such, it is becoming the mainstream form of connection today.
    Download speed: 100Mbps-2Gbps (theoretical values)

  3. Wireless communication connections
    These are connection services based on mobile phone communications (3G or 4G/LTE), WiMAX or public WiFi. They are used widely due to the popularity of smartphones, and are convenient since they do not require cables to connect to the Internet, as their name suggests. On the other hand, the speed of these connections can vary enormously depending on connection equipment, location, and signal strength.
    Download speed: 1Mbps-400M (theoretical values)

  4. Others
    There is also a private line used by companies. This is as expensive as they are high-quality, and are mainly used for business purposes. ISDN and dial-up connections based on analog telephone lines are low in speed and are rarely used today.

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